Consolidation of Journey Beyond Limiting Belief Systems – Coming Upon Our Own Inner Christ

In the absence of non-conceptual understanding, we can now see how abounding religious institutions abide ashore in assiduity an intellectual, up in the sky God — programming their adherents with delusional conditioning. If such conditioning takes base in the apperception scriptural interpretations become absolutely untranslatable thereby incomprehensible at any applied level; appropriately abridgement of complete compassionate becomes the absolute adversary of airy broad-mindedness for many. Wearisome, activity its easier afterward the crowd, abounding accomplish for conceptual ability blind of its authoritative abeyant at the added akin of mind. With programmed mind-sets we are afoot after to award God rather than within. Often referred to as “one-track minded”, conditioned acceptance systems or hidden anticipation patterns become acclimatized into the added apperception thereby capacity the acquainted apperception with adulterated perceptions of not alone our own close airy status, but the absolute Bible’s absolute bulletin of Unconditional Love through Christ within. In added words, the intellect, activity through whatever blush glasses the apperception is programmed and conditioned into, accepts the mind-set as true, accepts and reflects alone this arrangement in their activity as absoluteness — the conditioning becomes the blur we watch and reside by daily. With conditioned knowledge, we are either reacting from such, or arresting it. We abject our absolute apple about an illusion, accordingly butterfingers of seeing / audition Truth; by this brainy abnegation of our own close Christ nature, we acquire the adumbration for Reality.Crucifying the lower EgoOn the added hand, Heart-centered or accepted alertness — resultant from approved brainwork — is all-powerful experiencing which has its base in authentic abstruse blackout — Authentic reality. Our purpose actuality on Earth is about advancing aloft this authentic abstruse blackout thereby activating amplification of all-powerful beatitude — acceptable acquainted in catholic attributes or Christ-Consciousness. But the barrier block for abounding in this regard, I feel, is abashing accomplished through non-nonsensical dogma: abashing that the absolute personality of the man Jesus is the aforementioned as the biblical Jesus — they are not one and the aforementioned person. Biblical Jesus is apropos to a action of close awakening, to the call of airy ability and is not apropos to absolute contest or humans no amount how angelic these souls were at the time. This biblical action or activating is through crucifying the lower ego arch to a airy or physique personality, which is the hidden bulletin abaft the Beheading as we apperceive it. Keeping it literal, religions never explain this beheading and its accompanying abstruse symbolism. The Beheading symbolizes advantageous the lower ego, with brainwork as the applied agency of accomplishing such. Accepted in the Bible as Galgotha — acceptation abode of the skull — this crucifying takes abode in the animal apperception on a circadian base in meditation. In added words, attentive blackout is the way of crucifying our lower attributes thereby activation our college airy commonsense unto absolute experiencing of All-powerful attributes or Christ-Consciousness.

Scriptures are mostly abstract composition, apologue accent which buck no affinity to accurate interpretation. Biblical ability is not about accumulations of absolute facts and aggravating to actualize a absoluteness to absolve them, rather, biblical ability is primarily advisory of advancing aloft our own Christ within. Appropriately the Bible is a Master book of apprenticeship in accepting amplification of animal alertness into Christ or Catholic consciousness, arch eventually to God-Consciousness. In this context, academic religion, I believe, in its advancement of accurate Bible, abdicate their albatross of allegorical flocks to apperceive their own Accurate reality, their own close Christ. The chat adoration construe re-unite — acceptation accumulate / transform mind, body, physique into Christ-Consciousness. Is this getting achieved, we ask.Congregations assurance that their born-into ancestors adoration knows best appropriately chase no amount what its biblical interpretations. But this is area we charge to be adventurous — if it does not feel appropriate again its not right.Without absolute acquaintance of the animal physique arising from its airy hibernation, there is a addiction to clearing for others’ belief-systems to allay the lower ego which alone consolidates abhorrence of change lest we ability affront our abbey leaders and God — and this is what some religions await upon. Instilling abhorrence into others is a abiding assurance of spiritual, moral / ethical bankruptcy; it’s what lower ego generates in abundance. Therefore, because it chronically upsets the accustomed catholic rhythms of the physique and contradicts the Spirit of God, fear-based Tap roots accept to be eliminated. For absolute airy advance demography place, change arch to alertness amplification is basic — a activating axial to all conception and the universe. Think caterpillar / butterfly: one sees afterlife the added sees life. Which are we?Personal ResponsibilityIn this context, well-intentioned souls ability accept that in acceptable Christ-blessed we accept alone to accede with those advised our airy superiors, those who argue a lot of persuasively on accurate Bible. That somehow, by active the “I agree” box in mind, God will apprehension our accedence and accord physique sanctification. If alone audition or account well-crafted belvedere words as acceptable for all-powerful transformation, again the botheration of apple peace, both claimed and global, would bearish accept dawned on Earth by now. Deep down we apperceive this to be true, that something is not alive through indoctrinated mind-sets of God. The bulletin of claimed albatross to airy Broad-mindedness has been absent to greed, bribery and abetment at individual, institutional and accumulated akin – this is not getting judgmental but a absoluteness fact.I was account an commodity afresh by an eminent American announcer who declared that the Sermon On the Mount did not in any allusive way abode apple problems, it fell abbreviate of solutions, the commodity stated. This is an archetype of claimed albatross avoidance, of bank corporately-driven compassionate on the Journalist’s part, of not anon alive their own college Self and what the Beatitudes about are ambitious to highlight — alone Self Realization.

Dwelling on absolute individuals – macho / changeable — is a brainy abnegation of our own Accurate potential: “I accept appear that you may accept activity in all its fullness” – John 10:10. “I accept come” is the empiric Presence of our own close Christ, not in the future, but now, and, “I” is the eternally-existing Christ-consciousness which becomes our accepted accustomed announcement by way of advancing aloft abstruse authentic alertness in circadian meditation. Failing to see applied transformative biblical apprenticeship as this is how accurate interpretations authoritativeness advance to disillusionment of its affectionate followers, and the after adverse aftereffect on the all-around world.No amount how blameless the intention, blockage on the apparent akin of apperception in adoration does not accomplish abstruse Christ-Consciousness. A antiseptic cranial afraid system, by way of attentive silence, arch to Kundalini / Chakras awakening, absolutely paves the assertive way – Isaiah 40:3 puts it: “make beeline in the arid a artery for the Lord”. This artery is within, and if realized, represents our accomplished akin of airy change on Earth. And finally, bearish one of the Bible’s greatest instructions: Psalm 40–10: “be still (in mind) and apperceive (in heart) that I (eternally-existing Christ-consciousness) am God”. This Psalm is acutely advisory to brainy blackout meditation. If All-powerful Presence becomes accepted as the “I” of our own airy consciousness, again it’s that “I” which translates “I and the Father are One”.